Sedation Dentistry

Is the fear of the needle, the sound of the drill, or even the discomfort of being in a dental office keeping you from taking care of your teeth?

San Dimas Family and Sedation Dentistry offers a full range of sedation dentistry options, including oral conscious sedation and IV sleep dentistry as well as nitrous oxide combined with oral sedation


For our patients who wish to remain conscious during treatment, Dr. Marteney has special training by the Dental Organization For Conscious Sedation, a dental society organized to offer an alternative to IV sedation and general anesthesia that involves the use of mild oral sedatives and is known as oral conscious sedation, making your dental visits completely comfortable and relaxing without putting you to sleep.


At our office in San Dimas, sedation dentistry begins with Dr. Steve Marteney administrating a small, custom/prescribed pill, shortly before his or her treatment. The patient eases into an anxiety free state feeling a bit drowsy. Our patients who undergo sedation dentistry remain aware of their surroundings and yet feel calm and relaxed throughout their time in the treatment chair. Sedation dentistry can be especially helpful for our younger patients or for people whose dental anxiety may be increased by the use of injections or IV sedation. If you live in the San Dimas area or elsewhere in the inland Empire and are interested in learning more about sedation dentistry, contact our dental practice today


IV sedation sleep dentistry allows patients to undergo one or more procedures while they remain totally unconscious of any anxiety, fear, or discomfort. ID sedation places the patient into a deep and untroubled relaxing sleep for the direction of the treatment. Dr. Marteney utilizes state of the art monitoring equipment as well as an EKG to ensure that our patients are always safe and comfortable


Typical sleep dentistry may include deep cleanings, general restorative care, as crowns, and multi special treatments such as gum surgery, Root canal therapy, oral surgery, and the placement of dental implants. You as the patient along with Dr. Marteney select the anesthesia techniques based on your individual needs or desires.

San dimas family dentistry offers a full range of sedation options. Dr. Marteney may be able to complete most or all of your dental treatment in one visit .